Land Based Aquaculture

Matorka is a pioneer in producing environmentally friendly and sustainable seafood

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Matorka is proud to be an industry collaborator with The Seafood Watch.

Only by protecting our oceans, can we build a secure a sustainable future for our planet and people.  Matorka is certified as being carbon neutral and is actively engaged in nature conservation.  Carbon neutrality helps combat the acidification of the world´s oceans as well as combating global warming. The Seafood Watch helps the industry and consumers understand what seafood items are actually environmentally friendly and which items are not.

Our Fish

Matorka is a salmonid producer which focuses on Arctic Charr and Salmon Trout. All our fish is farmed without the use of anti-biotics and is free from chemicals often associated with fighting sea lice. Ultimately this produces the world´s healthiest choice for our consumers.

Our Farms

The company runs its own hatchery, quarantine, grow-out, processing and export department. Every day thousands of customers enjoy our environmentally friendly and healthy production world wide.

Our Environment

Matorka is a world leader in sustainable and environmentally friendly fish farming. Our fish farms are run on green, sustainable energy, but at the same time are designed to minimize power use. Any carbon footprint the company makes is offset by tree planting and therefor the company is certified as carbon neutral.

Our Processing

Grindavik has been a seafood town since its inception over 1000 years ago.  It is in this small town by the North Atlantic where Matorka´s fish are processed and packaged.