Sustainably farmed seafood

Matorka is a company founded in 2010 and has been focused on land based aquaculture since inception

Matorka sustainable food

Matorka is a company founded in 2010 and has been focused on land based aquaculture since inception. The company was founded by a group of entrepreneurs that understood the potential of aquaculture, if it were done right.

Today the company has a production capacity of 1500 mt per annum and distributing its products to various countries in North America and Europe.

The company is Icelandic, and enjoys the deep roots that the seafood industry has had in Iceland since the country was settled over 1000 years ago.The company runs its own hatchery, quarantine, grow-out, processing and export department.

Every day thousands of customers enjoy our environmentally friendly and healthy production world wide.

All of Matorka’s production facilities are in Iceland

Production facilities in Grindavík

The majority of our activities is run out of Grindavik, which is in close proximity to the international airport Keflavik. Outside of Grindavik we run a hatchery north of Hella on the south coast of Iceland as well as our head office is in the capital region.

Farmed responsiblycertified

All of Matorka´s production is certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Counsil also known as ASC.  ASC is the world´s leading standard for responsible and sustainable aquaculture.  It verifies through a third party certification body that all our management and production protocols are up to par with practices that are truly world leading.  The ASC was co-founded by the World Wildlife Fund and is headquartered in Holland.  The company is very proud to uphold this standard and buyers know they are making the right choice.

Both the company´s production of Arctic charr and of rainbow trout is fully certified and we are proud to offer this product to world markets.