Hatchery, quarantine, grow-out,
processing and export

The company runs its own hatchery, quarantine, grow-out, processing and export department.
Every day thousands of customers enjoy our environmentally friendly and healthy production world wide.

Our hatchery

In the southern part of Iceland, nestled in the foothills of the Icelandic highlands, Matorka runs a state of the art hatchery. It is run exclusively for producing Matorka´s salmonids and nurtured by our team of aquaculture specialists.

The water quality is unique and has proven ideal to hatch the roe. The hatchery has a capacity of about 2 million individuals per annum.

Our quarantine

Our quarantine facility is in close proximity to the grow out and this is where our fingerlings are grown to 300 gr.

During this stage the fish are vaccinated and screened for any anomalies or signs of disease. Once certified with a clean bill of health, the fish are transported to the grow-out, which is only a few hundred meters away.

Our grow-out

Matorka´s grow-out facility is one of the newest facilities in the world and has proven revolutionary in terms of environmental impact design and sustainability model. The water flows through the farm on gravity alone, and pumping is only done by sustainable energy.

As a result the company is carbon neutral and offsets any foot print by planting trees. All water is drawn from underground boreholes and is naturally free of any parasites or unwanted pathogens.