Producing high value seafood with clean energy

Our Processing

Grindavik has been a seafood town since its inception over 1000 years ago.  It is in this small town by the North Atlantic where Matorka´s fish are processed and packaged.

It is built on this one thousand year old tradition of processing seafood, that Matorka is processing and packaging our produce for customers near and far.  Every fish is processed with attention to detail, while understanding that our customers demand the best and are getting the best.  Making sure that the fish is chilled from the time of harvest to successful delivery is another key point when handling high quality seafood for some of the world´s most demanding customers.  Only by continuous training and adhering to highest standards and HACCP protocols can Matorka deliver the quality it is becoming known for.

Whether the customer is in Dubai, London, Toronto or LA, they can rest assure that the Matorka team is making sure the product is excellent.