Arctic Charr
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 All our fish is farmed without the use of anti-biotics and is free from chemicals

often associated with fighting sea lice. Ultimately this produces the world´s healthiest choice for our consumers.

Arctic Charr

The Arctic Charr is a red-fleshed delicacy, which is well established in gourmet kitchens throughout the world. It has a mild, almost sweet taste, which never fails to impress even the most demanding seafood lover.

A top notch seafood item in premium seafood restaurants and retailers.  It is a member of the salmon family with a very high Omega3 content. Arctic Charr is a species which is native to the Arctic and other colder regions of the northern hemisphere.

Farming this species is environmentally friendly and sustainable. According to Seafood Watch: “Arctic charr use only a moderate amount of marine resources for feed. In addition, Arctic charr are farmed in land-based, closed systems that minimize the risk of escape into the wild”