Our Fish

From egg to harvest

We raise the best tasting fish in the salmon family. Our hatchery is located in the southern part of Iceland, nestled in the foothills of the highlands. Nurtured by our team of aquaculture specialists, our roe are hatched in pristine glacial waters. From the hatchery, our fish make the short trip to Grindavik where they swim in pure Icelandic water that is naturally free of parasites and pathogens. Our fish are raised without chemicals, or hormones and are fed a sustainable and natural diet.

We are proud to maintain a 1:1.2 Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). Once our fish reach optimal size, they’re harvested, quickly chilled and shipped out of the nearby international airport or port.

Arctic Char
Arctic Char
Unique, smaller size
With an average weight of around 5 lbs, arctic char is perfect for whole fish plating. It is a popular choice at premium restaurants and high-end retailers, impressing even the most demanding seafood lovers.
Red-fleshed delicacy
As a member of the salmon family, arctic char is firm, high in omega-3 content, and has a mild and sweet flavor.
Arctic char use only a moderate amount of marine resources for feed, making it a sustainable choice.

Our land-based aquaculture system

Our land-based aquaculture system enables us to raise fish consistently and dependably. We are able to meet growing demand and our reliable supply means we deliver incredible fish every day of the year. Our infrastructure allows us to protect marine environments and mitigate risks. Land-based aquaculture is a key component of responsible seafood production.

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Processingthe freshest fish for our customers

Grindavik has been a seafood town since its inception over 1000 years ago. It is in this small town by the North Atlantic where Matorka´s fish are processed and packaged.

Every fish is processed, filleted, packaged and exported with extreme attention to detail, understanding that our customers demand the best and are getting the best. We make sure the fish is properly chilled from the time of harvest to successful delivery, a key point when handling high quality seafood for some of the world´s most demanding customers. We are able to deliver the quality we are known for because of our continuous training and adherence to the highest standards and HACCP protocols. Whether you are located in Dubai, London, Toronto or LA, you can rest assured that the Matorka team will deliver an excellent product.

Animal Welfare PolicyOur approach to aquaculture and animal husbandry.

Protecting, supporting, and optimizing the welfare of our fish is the fundamental principle that drives how our management and staff operate and care for our farm. The health, nutrition, environment, and comfort of our fish are of the utmost importance. These priorities are at the heart of Matorka’s ethical animal husbandry practices.

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