A Leader in Sustainable Seafoodpioneering the future of land-based aquaculture


Matorka utilizes land-based aquaculture and Iceland’s pristine environment to raise the best tasting fish in the salmon family.

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Our Fish responsibly raised in Grindavik, Iceland

We’re proud to bring consumers the world’s healthiest fish, resulting in superior flavor and texture. From egg to harvest, our land-based aquaculture system enables us to raise fish consistently and dependably. Our fish are raised without chemicals, or hormones and are fed a high quality, sustainable diet.

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Iceland cliffs

Our Impact our commitment to sustainability

Iceland’s water is recognized for its exceptional quality, making it an ideal place for sustainable land-based aquaculture. Our fish swim in water that is filtered through local lava fields, yielding a pristine environment that is purer than any ocean and optimizes their health and growth. We utilize the power of our local geothermal waters to sustainably regulate temperature, and we are carbon neutral.

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