Our Farm

Navigating Responsible Practices: From ecosystem-friendly farming practices to responsible feed formulations, we navigate our commitment to sustainable aquaculture, setting a course for a future where our operations continue to thrive in tandem with the health of the planet. Above all, we look at nature, to guide us and support us in producing the finest Arctic char. Explore more in our 2023 Impact Report.

Our founders had the vision to work within Iceland’s natural ecosystem to establish some of the most sustainable aquaculture in the world.

Sus Enviroment

We are dedicated to environmentally responsible practices across everything we do: our operations use only sustainable and renewable geothermal energy; our land-based aquaculture approach is a vital element of responsible seafood production; and we have been offsetting our energy-linked carbon emissions through certified reforestation since 2014.

Here, in our unique Grindavik location, they found the ideal setting to engineer a groundbreaking land-based aquaculture facility, creating what is truly the lowest impact, most responsible way to raise strong, thriving fish.

Pool Side

Production is fully integrated with the natural ecosystem to be self-sustaining while working to become carbon neutral.