The Future of Seafood

Rampant over-fishing and a world population that is increasing by 80-90 million people every year has made sustainable aquaculture an urgent necessity. Land-based aquaculture is a key component of responsible seafood production. Our fish is more sustainable than wild catch and all other forms of aquaculture. Raising fish on land may seem counterintuitive, but the process allows us to raise healthy fish in spacious, clean water and simultaneously protect the oceans. Offshore aquaculture interferes with nature and can have severe implications for our marine environments.

We’re committed to preserving the natural habitat through responsible conservation.

The Purestplace to raise fish

Set amongst vibrant blue hot springs and dramatic lava fields, our fish is nurtured in an environment that is purer than any of the world’s oceans. Our fish are raised without chemicals, or hormones and are fed a sustainable and natural diet. We are proud to maintain a 1:1.2 Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). Only by protecting our oceans, can we build a secure a sustainable future for our planet and people.

Carbon Neutraloperations

Fish and seafood has been an essential part of Icelandic society for centuries. We borrow from our history with the sea, and bring it into the modern day to sustain our society with the healthiest fish possible, and we use the latest technologies to preserve it for the future. We use Iceland’s geothermal waters to sustainability regulate temperature, and we are carbon neutral.

Any carbon footprint we make is offset by tree planting, preserving Iceland’s status as one of the greenest countries in the world. It’s in our blood to care. We are proud to be part of the solution.