What does Matorka mean?

In Icelandic, “mat” means food and “orka” means energy. Matorka translates to food energy.

Food is indeed energy, but we take it a step further. Our operations run on sustainable, geothermal energy and any carbon footprint we produce is offset by tree planting.

What is land-based aquaculture?

Land-based aquaculture is a way of raising fish in clean water tanks on land – not in the ocean. Land-based aquaculture allows us to avoid many of the common problems that occur in marine environments. Land-based aquaculture is the most sustainable way to raise fish.

Is it necessary to raise fish on land? Is it sustainable?

Rampant over-fishing and a world population that is increasing by 80-90 million people every year has made sustainable aquaculture an urgent necessity. We are proud to be part of the solution. Our fish is more sustainable than wild catch and all other forms of aquaculture. Raising fish on land may seem counterintuitive, but the process allows us to raise healthy fish in spacious, clean water and simultaneously protect the oceans. Offshore aquaculture interferes with nature and can have severe implications for our marine environments. We’re committed to preserving the natural habitat through responsible conservation.

Is Matorka’s land-based fish as nutritious as wild catch?

Yes. Our fish are raised without antibiotics or hormones and are fed a sustainable and natural diet. Our pristine Icelandic waters create a habitat that is purer than any of the world’s oceans for our fish to thrive. Ultimately, this produces the world’s healthiest choice for our consumers, resulting in the best tasting fish with superior flavor and texture.

What is steelhead? What does it taste like?

As a member of the salmon family, it is a versatile fish that looks and tastes similar to salmon. It’s an extremely popular fish worldwide and is preferred amongst sushi chefs. Steelhead is in demand at smokehouses, sushi bars, fine-dining restaurants, and everything in between.

What is arctic char? What does it taste like?

It is a member of the salmon family and has a very high omega-3 content. With a unique, smaller size that’s ideal for fine dining, the Arctic Char is popular at premium restaurants and high-end retailers. It has a prized mild, almost sweet taste that never fails to impress even the most demanding seafood lover, and an attractive red flesh.

Is the water where the fish are raised clean?

Iceland’s water is recognized for its exceptional quality, making it the perfect environment for sustainable aquaculture. Our water is filtered through local lava fields, yielding a naturally filtered water body that is ideal for our fish. Pristine waters are home to the purest fish.

How much does Matorka fish cost?

Matorka is a premium producer that focuses on delivering premium value to its customers and consumers. Pricing will depend on point of delivery and cuts, but the underlying value will always be guaranteed with our fish.

Does Matorka use any antibiotics or growth hormones?

No, our fish are raised without antibiotics or hormones.

Do Matorka fish carry any parasites or disease?

No, our roe are hatched in pristine glacial waters, from the hatchery, our fish make the short trip to Grindavik where they swim in pure Icelandic water that is naturally free of parasites and pathogens. All fish are screened for any anomalies or signs of disease.

Are the fish treated humanely?

Yes, our fish have plenty of room to swim in pristine, clear water, and are fed a natural marine diet.

What does Matorka feed its fish?

The fish are fed a sustainable natural diet.

Can Matorka salmon harm wild salmon populations?

No, the fish are raised in a closed loop, land-locked system without any possibility of access to open water.

What are Matorka’s sustainable practices?

Our fish swim in water that is naturally filtered through local lava fields, yielding a pure environment that is ideal for their health and growth. We use Iceland’s geothermal waters to sustainability regulate temperature. Our entire process was designed to minimize energy use, and what energy we use comes from clean geothermal sources. We are carbon neutral, offsetting any carbon footprint we make with tree planting.

Where can I find Martorka fish?

Matorka fish is available throughout America and Europe. To locate Matorka fish in your local market, click the Where to Buy link.

What third-party sustainability certifications does Matorka have?

Matorka is certified by the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certifying environmentally and socially responsible seafood and is a collaborator with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

What size fish do you sell? How are the fish proportioned/sold?

Matorka is focused on producing and exporting the following items:

  • Head on/Gutted (HOG) fish in 55 lbs (approximately 25 kg) boxes
  • Skin on, pinbone out fillets in 10 lbs (approximately 4.5 kg) boxes
  • Skin on, pinbone out portions in 10 lbs (approximately 4.5 kg) boxes

Both of the above is available either fresh, or individually quick frozen (IQF).

Where do you ship? How long does it take for fish to arrive after ordering?

Matorka fish is available throughout the world.

How does Matorka fish get to you in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way?

Matorka fish is shipped on existing regularly scheduled flights, which results in a lower carbon footprint for transportation.

Is the fish really fresh if it comes from Iceland?

Yes, Matorka fish are processed, chilled, placed on ice and immediately make the journey to the nearby international airport for shipping.